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If your business is not listed and you cannot find it by its domain name, you can create a new listing and complete your business profile using a company email that includes the business website domain - not a free email.

Listing a new business is free and won't take few minutes to complete your business profile.

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Reviewers have to follow these guidelines, and to help consumers and business owners understand the context of the review, they have to select the relevant review category.

Using the responsive and customizable reviews widget, you can showcase your reviews and recommendations across pages of your website.


Unlike other reviews platforms, you can award a nil-star rating if you are reporting scams, fraudulent and dishonest businesses.

By reporting scams, you warn others and help them make more informed decisions.

If we believe that you were a victim of a scam, we'll feature the review as scam alert.


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You can publish and feature press releases, events, hiring announcements, fund raising for a new startup, showcasing a product or service, offers or selling your business announcement.