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The best feature in Soundcloud is the suggest mode. You play one song and then keep listening the similar songs. The adverts are not really obtrusive - only thirty seconds and there are few of them on the weekend.

From all the websites I've used to spread the word about my startup, Crunchbase was the best website I've used in terms of link value in Google . Just the layout and design of the website needs about of refresh.

The minute you start using their website to renew your badge, they remind you of the miserable life of security guards in the UK. The website is dead slow and often gives up. The forms jumpy with weird error validation.

For all the fees they get from shittest sector and job in the UK, they should be able to provide better service

They repeatedly don't do repairs, customer relationship managers lie poor service the worst thing I ever did buying a shared ownership property with Equity.

If you use the place as a gym for training, you can find most equipments you need. I never used other facilities so I am happy with the gym. Boxing room should have more space and bags. Overall it's a good place for keeping fit.

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