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They get lot of funding from the local councils and still use volunteers so the top brass split the money between them but then again all charities operate like this
I had gas and electricity from NPower while I was renting a house in Selly Oak. For two people we used to pay no more than £30 a month for both gas and electricity. We weren't using too much gas for heating but we used two oil heaters all the ...
Recently we had our company gone out of a business thanks to a company we used to sub contract from managed to stage a scam liquidation then kept trading with a different name. So I went to Yelp to leave a review for them and there were only two ...
I've tried many code editors but so far Visual Studio is my favourite. I use it for JS , PHP and CSS projects but for any programming lang, VS can tick all the boxes.
Before it was acquired by Oracle I've used Dyn DSN for more than six years and I never has any issue with their DNS service.

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