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XS DIRECT have cancelled my insurance out of the blue and now demanding £3000 for an accident which was not my fault. What a joke! Once advice I would give you is do not make the mistake I made insuring with them you will regret it big time.
This year I was expecting the new insurance quote would be less than last year knowing that few are earning money with the covid-19 lockup. They sent me an email with a quote that's £400 more than last year. I never had an accident or claim. So I ...
I've always used Twitter type head js as it was the best option available for auto complete, but it doesn't look like it has been maintained for years. I tried autoComplete.js for location search, similar to Gumtree and it was perfect. It's ...
Used to spend lot of time scoring my Facebook feed to check what's new in Tunisia. Babnet seems to have the freshest news - round the clock and they have good user base
I usually order their grilled chicken with nan and drink and sometimes buy some chicken wrap. Most of the times the food is not bad but sometimes the chicken doesn't taste and smell right. Prices are good and it doesn't take long to get served ...

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